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Are you looking for MOT Test Coventry for your vehicle?

To drive legally in the streets of the United Kingdom, you must have an MOT pass certificate.

Hence, if you are looking forward to opting for this annual test, come down to FastLane Tyres . We are certified by the DVSA to conduct MOT Coventry and ensure these tests get completed within the shortest waiting time.

Introduced in 1960 by the Ministry of Transportation, the main objective of this annual test is to ensure vehicle roadworthiness and environmental friendliness.

When you opt for an MOT Test Coventry, our certified experts follow all the legal guidelines and check all the essential parts of your vehicle. Following the inspection, we will issue a VT20 or VT30 certificate as per the test result.

Vehicle classification under MOT

The governing body classifies the vehicles in the following manner:

Class 1: Motorbikes with an engine capacity of up to 200cc

Class 2: Motorcycles and bikes with an engine capacity of more than 200cc

Class 4: Three-wheeled vehicles, passenger cars with eight seats, ambulances and private vehicles with 9 to 12 seats, dual-purpose vehicles, motor caravans, public service vehicles and private hire cars, goods vehicles with up to 3000 kgs of dry gross weight and taxis

Class 5: Ambulances and private vehicles with a seating capacity of 13 to 16 passengers. This category also includes ambulances with more than 16 seats.

Class 7: All goods vehicles with a dry gross weight of 3000kg to 3500kg.

Checks under our MOT Coventry

At our DVSA-approved facility, we adhere to a comprehensive checklist while conducting the MOT on different components of your vehicle. These parts are as follows:

Vehicle body and structure

We will check if the exterior of your vehicle has sharp edges that may cause injuries or corrosion to different components, such as the braking system, bottom of the car and steering column.

Wheels and tyres

We will ensure that the wheels and tyres are not severely damaged. Further, we will check whether your car tyre has at least 1.6mm of tread depth and is free from exposed cords.

Braking system

Our technicians will examine the condition of the braking components, such as callipers, brake pedal, discs, cables, master cylinder, etc.

Additional checks covered under our MOT Coventry test are as follows:

  • Fuel system
  • Suspension and steering
  • Exhaust and emissions
  • Electrical wiring
  • Windscreen and wipers
  • Speedometer
  • Seatbelts and seats
  • Horn
  • Doors
  • Towbars, etc.

MOT Certification

After conducting a detailed inspection of all the components mentioned above, we classify the issues in your vehicle as Dangerous, Major and Minor. In case the faults found are of Dangerous or Major categories, you will receive a VT30 certificate which indicates MOT failure. While if your vehicle has Minor or zero issues, you will receive a VT20 certificate which means that your vehicle has successfully cleared the MOT.

Hence, you can now stop searching for ‘MOT Coventry’ and come to us at 401-403 Foleshill Road, CV6 5AQ, Coventry.

For more details or quotations, call us on 02475 317 136 or write to info@fastlanetyrescoventry.com.