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Are you looking for Puncture Repair Coventry for your vehicle?

You have landed on the right page if you are looking for a cost-effective alternative to tyre replacements and puncture repair Coventry!

Puncture repair can restore the condition of your car tyre and helps you save a considerable amount otherwise spent on buying new car tyres.

At FastLane Tyres, we offer tyre repair Coventry at the most affordable rates. Further, we will conduct all the safety checks before beginning our puncture repair service.

To ensure the best results, we follow the BS AU 159 method for tyre repair and ascertain the highest level of safety and precision.

Therefore, you can stop searching for ‘puncture repair services near me’ and reach us at 401-403 Foleshill Road, CV6 5AQ, Coventry.

Parameters we check before conducting puncture repair Coventry

Keep in mind that repairing all types of tyre damage is not possible. Hence, we thoroughly inspect the condition of your vehicle tyres per the following parameters:

  • The tread depth of the car tyre must not be less than 1.6mm.
  • Your car tyre must be free from cracks and exposed cords.
  • There should not be any bulges on the tyre surface.
  • The main tread of the tyre must be free from any damage.
  • The punctured area must not be more than 6mm.
  • Sidewalls of the tyre should not have any significant cuts.

If your car tyre fails to comply with any of these parameters, we will suggest you go for a tyre replacement.

About our service

Based on the extent of damage to your car tyre, we conduct the tyre repair service by following one of these methods:


We will insert a piece of rubber coated with adhesive and attach it to the damaged portion. We will conduct this method without removing the car tyres.


We will remove your car tyres and shove a leather patch in the punctured area. When the tyres roll at high speed, the adhesive will vulcanise and seal the affected portion.

Plug and patch

While conducting this process, we will shove in a rubber patch coated with adhesive. Following this, we use the tail end for threading the damaged area.

Sounds good?

Then, stop searching for ‘puncture repair Coventry’ and visit us at 401-403 Foleshill Road, CV6 5AQ, Coventry.

For further details, call us on 02475 317 136 or write to info@fastlanetyrescoventry.com.